When It’s Christmas Time


Music & Lyrics LC Wells

Vocals: Richard Lanham

Drums & Vibes: Jay Dittamo

Piano, Organ & Bass:  Axel Belohoubek

Guitar: LC Wells

As the sun sets early

In a cold winter sky

And there’s a hint of snow

In the air

People are writing cards

To everyone they know

And hanging up

Their Christmas lights

Everybody knows

That Santa’s filling up his sleigh

To make every kid’s dreams

Come true

Yes every boy and every girl

Will do anything

You ask them to

But only when it’s Christmas time

It’s nice to hear Christmas songs

Everywhere you go

There’s a special feeling

In the air

And when it’s Christmas time

Think of all that’s good in your life

So many folks

Don’t have as much as you

Let there be joy throughout the world

When it’s Christmas time

May all your dreams and wishes come true

May there be lasting peace

That spreads throughout the world

Starting when it’s Christmas time

When It’s Christmas Time

Richard Lanham